2018 Academy Group – Girls & Boys

If you have a child born in 2018, why not bring them along each Saturday from September 16th  to experience all that Cuala has to offer! Where: every Saturday at Hyde Park, Dalkey [MAP] When: Boys 9:00am & Girls 10:30am Who: All boys…

Dunne’s attempt to go incognito “Down Under” goes badly wrong

Mary - we need a break - as far away from it all as we can possibly go . . . .I know just the place . . .

Cormac measures the height of hurling – in Africa

Cormac Spain has just scaled the highest "free standing" mountain in the world. The intrepid 2000 player climbed for 5 days to eventually stand on top of Kilimanjaro - the highest point on the African continent. But there is more to this story than a Cuala Thar Lar entry

Cuala Thar Lar – Cillian gets royal approval

We've heard rumours of royal visitors to Balcon de Europa in Nerja recently and yes, the Dunnes have confirmed they were indeed at the Spanish resort. Here's Cillian with his new Cuala supporter, King Alphonso XII who just would not look at the camera and say "queso".
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Poc Fada Mystery Resolved & a Fine Mission by Canice too

Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been in touch with Cuala with news that a missing sliotar has finally been located. An incredulous Canice Dowling expressed amazement on seeing how images from the Mars Rover have finally solved the mystery.
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Cuala Thar Lár hears of Pilgrims Progress from Spain

There was no rain for the Spains on the Camino De Santiago Trail and with grass that long, there wasn't much opportunity for hurling. But Cormac remembered to pack his Cuala top - just in case he got pictured doing his summer endurance training.

Cuala Thar Lar – Cotswold Style

As you all know by now, Cuala Thar Lar welcomes images from exotic places or with interesting people. Michael Greaney may not have qualified under the first criteria (since Cheltenham Races was populated by half of Dun Laoghaire last week). But he sure ticked the boxes when it came to the celebrity company he kept.
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Cuala Shop Gear Undergoes Hi-Altitude Testing

Even when the pitches are unplayable, the Murphy’s, Sinéad (1998) & Liam (2000), find a way testing their Cuala Shop attire to the limits and they've reported back to Cuala Thar Lar.

New Heights in Cuala Hurling

Cuala Hurling has just reached new heights what with all the success of our Senior and Minor stars. But here are some hurlers who literally reached for the stars.
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2004 Players Looking for Hurling Tips in the Kingdom

A pair of 2004 players attempting to gain access to a foreign game in the Kingdom and a novel excuse too. See the latest submission for the Cuala Thar Lar Album.

99 Girls on a Beach – but Where?

Blue skies, golden beaches, sparkling seas! It must be Greece or maybe the Carribean? Well its overseas for sure - but where exactly? . . .