Cuala’s membership year runs from Jan to Dec. Annual Subscriptions fall due on 1 Jan.

Payment can only be made on-line using our payment partner, ClubForce.

Payment of Subscriptions is subject to

Players cannot be registered with the National Governing Associations (GAA, Ladies Football,Camogie) until their subscriptions are paid. Unregistered members are not covered by “Player Injury Schemes” and Cuala cannot allow them to coach, train with or play for the club.

Members are responsible for entering and maintaining their own details correctly and completely. Of particular importance is the need to provide accurate details in relation to the Player Injury Scheme – especially Date of Birth and that the member is registered under the correct subscription type.

Increase in 2020 Rates

At the Club AGM in December 2019, increases to the subscription rates were approved. This is the first increase in three years – at a time of increased costs across the board in training facilities, insurance and rates etc.

Instalments up to 2 months (from 11th March 2020)

Payment can be made in five instalments; registration is not completed until all installments have been paid. The number of permitted instalments for later renewals will reduce as the year progresses.

Development Levy

The recent AGM approved a motion to collect development levies ranging in value from €10. €30 or €50 – depending on subscription type – starting in 2020.

All funds collected from the development levy will be ring-fenced for development purposes only and will not be used for day to day expenditure or any other purpose. A lot of work and significant progress has been made during 2019 to lay the foundations for the improvement of our Clubhouse. We are making steady progress and hope to present plans to members during the first half of 2020. We will need to fund our future development in a variety of ways. We started in 2019 with the very successful Oskars club-wide fundraiser. We are exploring other funding opportunities in 2020 and would welcome any suggestions and support that our members could provide.

Family Membership

  1. All players must be in full time education
  2. Players born in 1996 or earlier can be included providing the player is in full time education at the time of registration. The player must email details of the educational establishment they attend to (Photo of student card & course details) before the family registration process can be completed
  3. If player is born in 1996 or earlier and is not a student they should opt for the Full Adult Rate

Student Membership

  1. Members availing of Student Rates (whether Individually or as part of a Family Subscription) must
    be in full-time education
  2. If born in 1996 or earlier, the player must email details of the educational establishment they attend to (Photo of student card & course details)
  3. If player is born in 1996 or earlier and is not a student they should opt for the Full Adult Rate

Juvenile Subscription Rates

Available to those born between 1/1/2006 and 31/12/2010

Academy Subscription Rates

Available to those born between 1/1/2011 and 31/12/2015

Introductory Discount

An Adult, Student or Juvenile applicant, who has never registered with Cuala before, can apply to the Registrar for a discount off the appropriate subscription rate. This does not apply to Academy rates.

Members with arrears from 2019

Members must clear all 2019 arrears prior to 2020 membership renewal.

Pay Membership

Where Does My Subscription Go?

The Annual Subscription is used to contribute towards a wide range of services and activities on and off the field. In 2018, our ‘day-to-day operational’ costs (i.e. not including Capital or Exceptional items) worked out at an average of €416 per player – a huge investment in players of all ages in all codes.

As you can see, Player Subscriptions on their own do not cover the full operational costs.  We rely on non-playing Members, Fundraisers and Sponsorship to make up the difference.

Money tendered by anyone who is not already a member of the club will be accepted and treated as a donation – pending their Application for Membership being processed. On admission as a Member,  any sums previously paid will be credited against Annual Subscription due.