Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the following Cuala on-line transactions

  • Booking Cuala facilities
  • Official eMail and Data Registration
  • Booking Match Tickets
  • Cuala Communications/Newsletter subscriptions
  • Club Surveys
  • Making payments via our PayPal partner
  • Membership lists
  • Club Lotto
  • Registering for occasional Offers & Events

A: Personal Data

Cuala uses the following Personal Data in relation to inquiries made through its website

  • Name
  • Cuala ID Reference (Full Members only)
  • eMail Address
  • Phone Number
  • IP Address (Internet Address of your device), used for summary statistics only.

The details of any booked facility (but not of the Booker) are published in the Cuala Calendar in its website. For private events, Bookers may request that the details be withheld (e.g. for a surprise celebration)

B: Data Controller

The Data Controller is the Cuala Secretary. You can contact the Data Controller by –
Mail Runai, Cuala Hurling, Football and Camogie Club, Hyde Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin A96 X795

C: Data Disclosure

Your data will be processed by authorised Cuala officials, staff and volunteers.

We do not share your personal details with other parties

D: Payment Data

Cuala facilitates on-line payments for donations, sponsorship, facility bookings etc using a secure third-party payment processor in such a way that Cuala will not have access to your banking details. (See Third Part Suppliers)

E: Data Processing

Cuala processes personal data for bookings, requests and inquiries in a number of ways

  1. Collecting contact information from paper, over the phone, in person or using online forms
  2. Storage in an electronic database for the purpose of recording and managing bookings and requests.
  3. Emailing for the purpose of communications with respondents
  4. Paper letters for the purpose of communications with respondents
  5. On-line forms for the purpose of facilitating and collating requests.
  6. Invoicing for the purpose of notifying and receiving payments (where facilitated)
  7. Newsletter distribution
  8. Publication of team contacts and lists of Full Members (for Ticket Draws, AGMs etc)
    (additional consents are required for contact details published on-line)
  9. Registration of Member details with
    a) Relevant sports governing bodies (GAA, LGFA, Camogie Association)
    b) Civil authorities as required by Law (e.g. in support of renewal of Bar Licence)

Cuala uses the services of third-party suppliers for implementing these services  (See Third Party Suppliers) -section G

F: How Cuala complies with the Rules of Data Protection

  1. We obtain and process information fairly

Your details are collected on a voluntary “opt-in” basis during which you are alerted to this Privacy Statement.

  1. We keep data for specified, explicit and lawful purposes

We only keep the minimum data necessary for us to be able to manage requests and bookings.

  1. We use and disclose it only in ways compatible with these purposes

The use of third party suppliers is reasonable for administrative expediency

Each of the suppliers operation under Terms and Conditions that provide reassurance as to proper data storage and privacy policies (See H: Third Party Suppliers)

  1. We keep it safe and secure

Access to our data is limited to designated officials, staff and club volunteers on a need to know basis.

  1. We keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date
  2. We ensure that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive

Cuala seeks and retains only the minimum amount of personal data needed to facilitate inquiries and bookings on our site. .

  1. We retain personal data for no longer than is needed for our objectives

Data is deleted
– promptly, on request, where no outstanding payments are due
– within 2 years of final payment being made or of an Event being cancelled or completed. This allows for possible follow-up inquiries when preparing annual financial accounts or during financial audits

  1. We give a copy of personal data to individuals, on request

You may request a copy of the data Cuala holds in relation to you by email/writing the Secretary. We reserve the right to ask an applicant for further information to help identify you. We will respond in no later than 40 days but, in practise, much more promptly. Should any data be out-of-date or inaccurate, we will update it promptly. There is no charge for this facility.

G: Third Party Suppliers



  • Booking and Offers & Events Database
  • Match ticket Orders
  • eMailing / Address Book
  • New Booking Requests
    New requests to Register for Offers & Events
  • Update Booker/Registrant Details

Data used

  • Mobile
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email

Cuala has no responibility for the accuracy or security or your data in your personal Google Account (if any)

Google Privacy policy:



  • Issue Invoices
  • Accept payments using Credit/Debit Cards
  • Accept Payments from a personal PayPal Account *
  • Refund Payments

Data used:

  • Name
  • Payment amount
    * If you pay using your PayPal Account, the eMail address associated the PayPal account may be visible to Cuala but we do not record or use it.

Cuala has no responibility for the accuracy or security or your data in your personal PayPal Account (if any).

PayPal Privacy policy:

Cuala Online shop – STRIPE

All credit card transactions used to purchase products on the Cuala Online shop are handled and processed by STRIPE .

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Stripe Privacy Policy

Cuala does not retain a customers credit card details on its website or server.

  • Issue Newsletters
  • Manage Newsletter Subscriptions (non financial)

Mailchimp Privacy Policy:

  • Member details management
  • Subscription payments
  • Lotto participation

ClubForce Privacy Policy:

H: Transferring Personal data abroad

Cuala does not explicitly seek to store personal data “abroad” but we recognise that our third party suppliers operate globally and may store Cuala data on various servers (consistent with good business recovery practices) and in a range of territories.  By Booking Cuala facilities or registering your interest in Offers & Events, you give consent to your data being retained on third party servers, which may be located outside the European Economic Area.

I: Right to complain to the Data Protection Commissioner

Where you are  dissatisfied with the manner in which your personal data is stored or processed, you may make a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner.  The Commissioner will expect that you will have first contacted Cuala to resolve the matter.

For more, see:

The Data Protection Commissioner can be contacted at: Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington R32 AP23, Co. Laois.