Our History

Cuala Hurlers 1920 – and our very first Match Report

We first reported on the Cuala Hurlers of the 1920s back in 2011. Now Cartlann Digiteach Cuala has an excuse to re-post because not only have we obtained a better image of the team but we've also built up a better picture of their activities including the earliest-ever Match Report of a Cuala team.

Cuala Casements 1967 – 1974 – the Dunphy legacy

Cuala Casements has earned a special place in the hearts of many of today's older members. Prior to its evolution into modern-day Cuala, the Sallynoggin-headquartered outfit played a huge part in promoting juvenile teams and it left an indelible mark in the local GAA landscape. now we have a meticulously recorded record of their exploits.

Cuala Head for the Hills in 1911 – but all is not as it seems

A pre-1920s Cuala team spotted in them thar hills. So just who were they?

The Cuala Marian League – and the men who gave us our Club Name

This is a revised and updated version of an article that was first published in Oct 2017 The Marian Leagues were originally run across parish schools in South Dublin and North Wicklow from as early as 1953 (a year before the Marian Year) until…