New Club Gym

We have just completed a major refurbishment and upgrade of the Cuala gym.

This has involved complete gutting of the old bar area, removal of mock-beams, old unused air ducting , roof repairs, ceiling repairs, floor levelling, removal of old central heating system, walls plastered, complete electrical rewiring system, emergency lighting, both wired and wireless internet services and all walls/ceiling painted and decorated.

The gym has more than trebled in size with comfortable capacity for a full adult squad of 33 players plus. Our senior players (all codes) , our own certified S&C coach and other external S&C coaches had a big input into its design and redevelopment.

A range of new equipment has been installed which includes:

  • new gym floor surface
  • automated air handling system (sensors adjust the air flow based on levels of carbon dioxide ie., the more players using the gym the greater the rate of air changes per hour)
  • fresh water dispenser
  • large display screens
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • HEX lighting

The gym is targeted at strength and conditioning (S&C) for all Cuala players (all codes) and includes:

  • 6 Power Racks
  • Bolt Strength Leg Extension & Leg Curl
  • Bolt Strength Linear Leg Press
  • Full Commercial Adjustable Benches
  • Battle Ropes
  • Spin Bikes
  • Rowing Machine

GYM Schedule & Policy 

The gym is targeted at strength and conditioning (S&C) for all Cuala Adult players (all codes) – it will be extremely important that everyone using the gym play their part in maintaining a high standard of gym etiquette and respect for the facility.

Coiste insist on 100% compliance with policy and the protocols set out – please read the Gym Policy carefully & familarise yourself with its protocols.

The full policy can be downloaded here and An Coiste encourage everyone to read it before using the gym – failure to comply with gym policy could lead to PERMANENT withdrawal of gym access.

In order to adhere to both Health & Safety and GAA insurance requirements all squads/ players/gym users must complete a Health  Screening Form , a Waiver Form and strictly adhere to ALL GYM PROTOCOLS. 

When organised activities or team S&C sessions are in the gym, members cannot avail of the Gym Facilities.

You can apply for a Gym Access Fob  HERE

The Gym Schedule can be viewed HERE  

Mentors: Team S&C sessions must be planned in advance, agreed and booked via the office

Steering Group

A Gym Steering Group has been established to represent each of our 4 codes which Enda has agreed to coordinate.

Chair: Enda McGowan

LGFA Adult Football Rep:  Jess Tobin

Camogie Adult Rep: Roisin O’Toole

GAA Adult Football Rep:  James Power

Adult Hurling Rep:  Cormac Spain

The purpose of the Steering Group will be :

  • oversee the establishment & operation of the new gym over the initial 6 months
  • coordinate and represent the needs of all players across the 4 codes relating to ;-
    • equipment (layout positioning, user accessibility, flows, POD working etc)
    • access / availability / scheduling
    • highlight any issues of concern.
    • Health & Safety issues
    • Gym Protocol / Rules / Use of Equipment
    • Operation – housekeeping (user behaviour, standards etc)

Old Memories

The old Cuala Bar is now home to the Cuala gym – this is the same area that housed the original gym used by the Dalkey Boxing Club back in the late ’60’s  !

The Cuala Bar itself was the setting for many a great night in the history of Cuala and those Cuala stalwarts that have gone before us held court there after their many committee meetings and of course the post-match games played by the many Cuala teams – whether they won or lost.

While it was sad to see the old bar go the memories that it holds will still remain and those many faces that were reflected in its large mirrors with the unique pitch markings may still be seen if you look close enough – they remain there to remind us all.