Our History

The Cuala Marian League – and the men who gave us our Club Name

This is a revised and updated version of an article that was first published in Oct 2017 The Marian Leagues were originally run across parish schools in South Dublin and North Wicklow from as early as 1953 (a year before the Marian Year) until…

Dunleary O’Connells – Junior Football Winners 1911

Dunleary O'Connells  is another of those Clubs whos very existence has been largely forgotten. Although not known to have any direct connection with the modern Cuala club, Cartlann Digiteach Cuala feels this forum is a fitting place to record what is known of this once powerful club in what has since become the Cuala heartland.

Hyde Road Pitch Opening – 1989

Cartlann Digiteach Cuala previously reported on the wonderful efforts made to develop our pitch at Hyde Park. Of course no such undertaking would have been complete without a suitable celebration and what better way than to have the country's finest players put the pitch to the test in a challenge match in the presence of Cuala members and friends.

Comhar Cualann – So Little Time (So Much to Do).

Cartlann Digiteach Cuala  occasionally likes to look over our historical fence to better understand what our neighbours were up to back in the day. We, like many others, would have shared a belief that there was not much going on in the locality…