Ireland won the 6 Nations Championship but who won our forecast?

Well, it looks like we have a few serious rugby tipsters in our club, judging by the final outcome. Just to remind ourselves the challenge was to forecast the result of all games, based on a handicap, with a tiebreaker to predict the total number of tries across the entire tournament.

The competition got tremendous support with 618 entries all looking to show off their rugby knowledge, their forecasting skills and to bank the 1000 euros prize.

With 1 point for each correct forecast the maximum points on offer was 15. And for the record (and the tiebreaker if required) the total actual tries scored across the tournament was 79.

When the final whistle sounded on the final match, we had 4 entries on a score of 13 correct forecasts from the 15 games played. Considering some of the surprise results this was an amazing achievement and must be better than the predictions from some of the professional pundits.

So, with 4 entries tied on 13 points the tiebreaker came into play. Two of the 4 predicted 80 tries and two predicted 86. That’s how close it was. So, even after the tiebreaker, we ended up with 2 entries tied for the top spot.

Congratulations to the official winners, who will split the prize and celebrate with 500 euro each.

Maurice O’Callaghan 

Colum Sheanon

Unlucky but shout-out for Michael Fitzsimons and Cillian Cronin who only lost out on the tiebreaker.

For the record, the top 4 on 13 points had a big chasing pack on the final leaderboard:

9 entries ended on 12 points.

22 entries ended on 11 points.

42 entries ended on 10 points.

Final Leaderboard:

Credit to James Power and Dave Kennedy, the main organisers behind the scenes who set it all up, did lots of number crunching to track the competition and maintain the leaderboard. Months of work!

And finally, thanks to all players, club members and friends who supported this fundraiser for the Men’s Adult Football section. It is much appreciated and a valuable contribution towards the increasing financial costs of running the 4 competitive teams.