Con O Callaghan                                             We need to trust ourselves, our bodies, and our minds.


Eoin Kennedy                                                  Taking things slowly is the most important thing here


Conor Mullaly                                                  small change can alter how we see things in a very significant way,


Peadar O’Cofaigh Byrne                               Drinking enough water every day is a sure way to feeling better both physically and mentally.


Michael Fitzsimons                                        Over the next few weeks it is incredibly important to keep a positive sleep routine


Jennifer Dunne                                               The only thing we can control is what is happening at this moment.     


Martha Byrne                                                  Remember alcohol is a depressant and even though it might make us feel great at the start it doesn’t last long


Sinead Wylde                                                  Like physical health, mental health needs work


Sinead Murphy                                                Just because the clubhouse doors are shut, and the training sessions are postponed, don’t think that Cuala has closed


Jess Tobin                                                        Battling mental illness is not a personal problem, but a communal one for which we are all responsible to address, and at Cuala we are a community.


Cian O’ Callaghan                                           As we move our mood lifts. A light or Moderate exercise session can be as effective as antidepressants.


Colum Sheanon                                              Engaging in Whatsapp groups, chatting on Instagram or hosting Zoom quizzes is all it takes to feel like we’re back out with the gang.



Colm Cronin                                                    Acknowledge negative thoughts – A thought is just a thought, not a fact.


Darragh O’Connell                                         Stay physically grounded – Grounding exercises are helpful for many situations


Sean Moran        Verbalise positive things – Whenever we feel we have accomplished something we are always the last people to congratulate ourselves. Give yourself a pat on the back