Cuala ‘B’ v Lucan Sarsfields ‘B’

In a classic example of a ‘game of two halves’ the newly reformed Cuala B 2000 squad, very ably supported by 7 of the 2001 squad, lined out to contest the first round of championship against Lucan Sarsfields.
The match started with the intensity that has come to be expected from championship clashes. Cuala rose to meet this intensity and clearly set the pace to dominate the possession and play for the duration of the first half. With a exceptional display of teamwork, skill and spirit, much of the recent training ground effort was clearly visible, and yielded the majority of possession together with flowing, committed football. This unfortunately was not duly reflected on the
scoreboard and with moments remaining in the first half Lucan burst through to score a late goal leaving Cuala, in spite of possession and the run of play,
trailing 1-1 to 2-2. Unfortunately the second half commenced as the first ended with Lucan scoring a quick succession of points which reinforced their
momentum and gave them the drive to emerge as comfortable winners. As the final score bore little relationship to the performance of the Cuala team and indeed the overall match itself, there is much to take from this occasion; not least the standard of teamwork, commitment, skill and spirit this group of players have now set for themselves. Well done all !!