Applications are invited for participation in Cuala’s facilitation of The Dermot Earley Youth Leadership Initiative 2020/2021.


Applicants must be members of a GAA club and between 15 and 18 years of age.


The programme will run over three modules between the end of October 2020 and May 2021 consisting of 30 hours of workshops and 20 hours of a community action project.


During the programme participants will gain aptitudes in essential leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. Module one focuses on the individual and their leadership skills, building their self-awareness, community skills, values and communication skills. Module two focuses on their ability to lead as part of a team enabling them to cultivate their skills further. Module three focuses on the participant’s individual leadership aspirations and offers the participants the opportunity to lead their own project within their community from conception to completion.


Module 1 and 2 costs (TBC) €40 (to cover materials) and Module 3 costs €300 (all proceeds to NUIG for the accreditation). Participants only decide if they wish to do module 3 after completing Module 1 and 2.


The programme will be facilitated by trained Cuala volunteers including, for the first time, some past programme participants and the programme will be held locally.


Registration of interest will close on the 2nd of October. Please note that a limited number of applicants will be offered places on the course this year due to the current circumstances. Any queries to Kevin Spain


Here is an example of a module 3 project from Cuala’s Aisling Nig Ruairc


Participants who successfully complete all three modules including the 20 hours of community action will be eligible to receive a Level 6 Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership and Community Action from NUIG.