Attention Cuala Webmasters!

I’ve set up a special category “XXTest” for use in debugging emailing issues whenever the need arises.

If you add a New Post categorised as “XXTest” – AND  “Not For Front Page” (of course).  The result should be that it will generate* a mail to (only) –

  • Liam O’Dowd
  • Liam Madden
  • Ronan Flavin
  • Kelly Price
  • Michael Goodwin

The Post wont appear anywhere (except in a lucky Search if it’s not deleted by then) and it avoids mailing our wider Subscriber base.

* Mails are only set up for generation – but not actually compiled or sent. You still have to go to Newsletters – Background Procs and hit

  • Blog Post E-Mail Delivery Processor – to compile Category-driven emails
  • Delivery Queue Processor – to actually release the mails to Cuala’ mail server

It used to be the case that mails got automatically sent but the latest WP Autoresponder Plug-in seems not to do this anymore – or maybe its just configured that way.  This is probably a good thing lest someone accidentally lets off an unintended Post to the wrong category.