Thank you for booking next week’s Cuala Summer Camp.


We’ll be kicking off on Monday 17th August.

We are looking forward to a great week of fun and learning in Dalkey.



Because of the Covid situation things will be a small bit different than previous years.


We will have staggered arrival and departure times. (on our website…link below, but in general we ask that you arrive between 9.30 and 10am)

Parking is always difficult at Cuala so we would really encourage you to walk, scoot, cycle or swim if you can.


All players will need to complete the GAA’s Return to Play Health questionnaire ahead of the first day and also confirm the players health as unchanged each morning before camp. Ideally parents will do this before leaving home each morning so as to avoid any unnecessary delays on arrival. Parents will be asked to sign the children in each morning. This signature will also be taken as confirmation that the child’s health status has been confirmed online.


GAA have put together a simple guide to help with this. See our website for more details:

Parents are asked to bring their children directly to their designated pitch and to sign them in with their coaches there.


There will be signs at the gate with childrens names and the groups they are in. Please don’t bring children to a different group. If they want to move to be with friends just let us know and we’ll organise it once activity has started.


Children will remain in that location for the duration of the camp so you can bring them to the same place each day.


Our usual practice of having the biggest picnic in the world at lunchtime every day will have to be postponed till next year…each group will have lunch at their playing location (hand-washing and sanitising will be available at each location)