Cuala Staff  Travel(Mileage) Claim Form

This form should be used to record mileage claims for staff travel

Reimbursement claims should be submitted on a monthly basis

Civil service rates – apply

Distance band Engine capacity up to 1200cc Engine capacity 1201cc – 1500cc Engine capacity 1501cc and over
Up to 1,500 km

(Band 1)

41.80 cent 43.40 cent 51.82 cent
1,501 – 5,500 km

(Band 2)

72.64 cent 79.18 cent 90.63 cent
5,501 – 25,000 km

(Band 3)

31.78 cent 31.79 cent 39.22 cent
25,001 km and over

(Band 4)

20.56 cent 23.85 cent 25.87 cent
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