Six Nations Forecast Fundraiser

The Men’s Football section main fundraiser for the year will once again be the Six Nations Handicap Forecast. The major difference this year is the entries will all be made online via this link FORECAST

First prize is €500 and an updated leaderboard will be published after each round

The deadline for entries is before the first match on Feb 4th.

€10 per forecast entry.


Predict the winner for each game in the 2023 Six-Nations Rugby Competition and win a cash prize.

Cash Prize €500 

In the event that there is no entry with the exact match winner for all fixtures , the entry with the nearest wins will be deemed the winner.

The points handicap is being received (+) or given (-) by the away team.

For instance in the Wales v Ireland game, Wales are receiving a 6.5 point start from Ireland – Ireland would need to win by 7 points or more for the away selection to win here.

Likewise in the England v Scotland match, the Scots are receiving a 11.5 point start from the English.

€10 per forecast entry – after you submit your entry a STRIPE secure payment option will open