We are asking all Cuala parents for their full cooperation when parking cars (mainly Saturday morning) in and around Thomastown/Hyde Park areas to please do so in a manner that does not impact on:
  • emergency access to homes
  • access/exit to/from a residents home
Below is an extract from a typical email/letter that we are receiving from residents living in the above areas;
“….our entire street had cars parked all over it from about 11.30 to 13.30.  The cars were parked literally the length of our street opposite each other leaving little room to pass between them.  Most of the residents on this street are elderly and a number tried and failed to leave as they felt unable to drive through, One elderly neighbour could not return home and had to abandon his car and walk, ……..”
Please show some respect for others and park with due care when parking the car – thank you.