The Cuala Children’s Officers have as their primary aim the establishment of a child and youth centred ethos within Cuala and will be viewed by many as the link between the children/young people in the Club and the adults. It is the responsibility of the Children’s Officers to regularly report to Coiste on how Club policy and procedures impact on the welfare and safeguarding of under age players and their coaches. The Club Children’s Officer will –
– Promote greater awareness within Cuala of the GAA Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport.
– Assist with and identify the need for Code of Ethics training within Cuala and other appropriate training in consultation with the Club’s Designated Person.
– Ensure, in as far as possible, that all Players, Coaches/Team mentors, Parents/Guardians, Officials and Spectators adhere to the Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport.
– Distribute copies of the GAA Joint Code of Behaviour at club level.
– Influence policy and practice within the Club in order to prioritise children’s and young people’s needs.
– Promote greater consultation with under age players and participation by them in club activities and planning.
– Encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in organising Club activities and to co-operate with parents in ensuring that every young person enjoys his/her involvement with the Club.
– Establish good links with local schools involved in the promotion of Gaelic Games.
– Liaise with Coiste na nÓg to ensure that the “child centred ethos” is being adhered to
through coaching and games development.
– Develop good practice procedures in the recruitment and selection of persons working
with young people in the club.
– Assist, or oversee the distribution of Garda Vetting in the club.
– Monitor, in association with team coaches, any significant drop out rates, lack of attendance or club transfers of under age players and report accordingly to Coiste .
– Maintain on-going contact with the County Board Children’s Officer and with other Club
Children’s Officers.

Club Children’s Officers do not have the responsibility to investigate or validate child protection allegations or concerns within the Club. The liaison person appointed by the Club to deal with such concerns is the Club’s Designated Person as per the GAA Guidelines for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse