Return to Play Notice from Women’s section

Dual player protocols:

As a club we promote the playing of both Camogie and Ladies football and are delighted that so many play both codes. Due to the many challenges presented with dual playing load, the Women’s Section committee and Coaches have agreed in the past to work together to manage dual player welfare as best we can.

Following the dual player motion, passed this month at Camogie Congress and with return to play recommencing initially for under 18s – this is a good time to revisit our own dual player protocols where it was agreed last year that dual players will have up to four Cuala sessions per week – two Camogie and two Football.

We understand everyone is eager to return to play, but it is particularly important coming back after a long layoff that players do not over-train and we adapt to a steady resumption of training in an effort to prevent injury and avoid fatigue. Managing playing load requires constant monitoring and communication between coach and player to ensure a safe level of stress is placed on the body, with adequate training and recovery factored into weekly schedules and we are committed to monitoring this throughout the season on a regular basis.

Return to Play:

Below is a short-list for coaches provided by Mark Brennan, club GPO to consider when returning to training / matches and potential pitfalls to avoid:
• Important to ease players back into training weeks. Bodies will need extra time to recover due to the long lay-off and the sudden increase in training intensity from what they have been doing. There will be a great increase in injury and mental fatigue otherwise.
• Dual players need to be managed carefully and not doubled up on, especially conditioning work.
• Try not approach it as if we have to make up for lost ground. rather use this as a great opportunity to show players why we love the sport and why we missed it so much. Fun and games!
• Liaise with other coaches who are also training these players too. Demonstrating contact between coaches from both codes will be appreciated by players and shows you have their best interests at heart.

Physio partnership:

The Women’s section is pleased to announce it has partnered this season with MEDFIT physiotherapy practice in Carysfort Ave, Blackrock for injury prevention and treatment. Further details to follow.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy return to club activity in the near future.

Jim O Toole Chairperson
The Women’s Section committee.