Those ever-enterprising guys in the Sports & Social Integration Project are starting a new scheme of recycling Hurley sticks and you can help them.
Has your old hurley been cast away, forever banished to the back of the shed or still in the car boot or under the stairs (assuming you don’t live in a bungalow) ?
Is it all alone in the dark – remembering past days of glory, when it graced the playing fields, scoring the great goals, made the fantastic saves, endless blocks and hooks and still dreaming of its return to the great stage?
The time has come to give that once great hurl a makeover, to put it back into the hands of a new and up and coming player.
The SSIP in conjunction with the Tús workplacement scheme have started a new “recyling of hurleys” project. The project will mend and fix any cast-away hurls or hurls that are no longer in use. When fixed, these hurls will be reused in our local schools and in the club and will be a gratefully appreciated resource in both.
If you have one of those  hurls, please give it one last ‘pull’ and bring it to the Cuala office, shop or leave them in Thomastown dressing room when its open. Come on give that old hurley one last throw of the dice.

Contact: Damian Byrne

Project Manager, Sports and Social Integration Project