The Danish scientist, Neil Bohrs, wasn’t much of a Hurler.  And we doubt if he displayed much talent in the boxing ring either.  He once remarked that “prediction can be very hard, especially when its about the future” and  somebody in or around Cuala is going to prove him wrong on that score too.


So watch-out for details of a Predict the Winner competition in which entrants will be invited to use their keen judgement of form to forecast the result of each round.  There’s €500 to be won outright, or shared.  We’ll have datails later. And remember, the fight pairings will be announced on Sat 3 March at 8pm at the Weigh-In at the Cuala Bar
Now here’s a prediction.  If you haven’t already got a ticket, we think you are either
  • signed-up to be in the ring
  • likely to be disapointed
We’re hearing that tickets are just about sold out for what has become the hottest gig in town but that some can still be bought tonight at the Bar at 8pm and on Saturday at 8pm (but we cant predict if there will be enough).