DOB: 09/4/88

School(s): Johnstown & CBC Monkstown

Occupation: Physiotherapist

Favourite Position: Centre Forward

2012 in a quote: Huge room for improvement”

Toughest opponent to date: Tomás Quinn

What is your earliest memory of being coached in Cuala?

Mikie Sheanon and Joe Cole trying to tame my solo circa 2001/2002 in Sallynoggin

If you were going to war in the morning what two players would you want by your side? Scott O’ Brien and John Fitzsimons


What is the best advice you ever got?

”Do to others as you would have them do to you”    Mathew 7:12

What advice would you give to young players?

Learn something from every game

Who influenced you most as a player?
Pat Dolphin, Tony Fayne, Paul Jago, Mikie Sheanon (Underage management)

What is your favourite memory from your career so far?

Winning the Under 21 and Minor championships

Your aspirations for 2013 in a quote. “Be better (not bitter)”