Player Injury Support Scheme:

Further to the proposal tabled at the last AGM, An Coiste Cuala have investigated and examined a number of options relating to the feasibility of introducing and implementing a self-funding subvention scheme for Cuala players. Having examined the mechanics of the existing GAA Player Injury Scheme and a number of alternatives, An Coiste Cuala believe a Supplementary Scheme could be feasible, however it would be dependent on the Clubs ability to provide adequate ongoing administration resources to run it, and the method adopted to self-fund the scheme.


An Coiste Cuala are now seeking 3 or 4 volunteers to work together as a focus group, reporting to An Coiste, to further develop and report on a Scheme Policy, on how such a Scheme could be administered and resourced on an ongoing basis, and details of options for (self) funding the Scheme. Anyone who is interested should contact the club secretary at