Wonderful individual displays by Cuala’s Diarmait Maas (left-corner back), Oisín Marry (right-corner back) and Ryan Di Felice (goalkeeper) helped the Dublin U14 hurlers to a successful Leinster tournament success in Kilkenny on Saturday 21st July. Unfortunately the other Cuala player of the quartet, Emmet Murphy, was away on holidays and couldn’t participate.The future for Dublin hurling is still shining brightly! The 1st team successfully disposed of both Laois (by 20 points) and Offaly (by the minimum) before having the embarrassment of having the Kilkenny South team concede their match. Apparently Kilkenny’s U14 Management decided to accept a match with Waterford on the same day as the U14 tournament they themselves were hosting and fielded two weakened teams! Both Kilkenny sides were hammered by the other teams in the tournament. Dublin’s 2nd team lost heavily to a very strong Wexford team but successfully disposed of the Kilkenny North side by 15 points.

The Dublin U14 teams play Waterford in their next outing on the 27th or 28th July.