Cuala Thar Lár appreciates this effort.  The location was in our very own back yard, the occassion was newsworthy – the recent record-breaking number of people in “Wheres Wally” garb in Dublin.   But – we just cant make out the Cuala Crest.  So sorry, we can’t accept this entry.  Next time you go on an away trip, bring your away strip.

But dont be discouraged –  you  are still invited to submit their snapshots of members and supporters wearing the Cuala crest in remarkable places (or in attention-grabbing company).  The Cuala Thar Lár Gallery will accept pictures from anywhere as long as the crest is clear and the content or context is interesting or unusual. Just email your image to the Webmaster

By the way, Wally is in the middle,  right beside the fella in the hooped socks.