The following Motions have been received for consideration at the forthcoming AGM – to be held on 6th December –

Motion 1: Amendments to Bylaws – Annual Rates of Subscription

Proposed by: Seamus Coyle, Cisteóir
Seconded by: Adrian Dunne, Claraitheóir

That Bylaws 9.1 to 9.4. be amended thus-

“9.1.. Rates of Annual Subscription for all members in 2013 shall be –

xxxxx Full (Adult) –  Non-Playing € 100.00
Full (Adult) – Playing €190.00
Full (Retired) – i.e. Over 65, Non Playing € 20.00
Full (Student) – Non-Playing €55.00
Full (Student)–Playing €145.00
Introductory Adult – Playing €155.00
Introductory Adult – Non-Playing €65.00
Temporary (Social) €60.00
Juvenile – Playing €145.00
Juvenile – Non-Playing €55.00
Family with no Players €185.00
Family with 1 Player €275.00
Family with 2 Player €365.00
Family with 3 or more Players €430.00

9.2. That a Family Subscription may, by arrangement made before 1st Mar 2013, be paid in up to three instalments payable between 1 Feb 2013 and 30 Apr 2013.

9.3. The implementation of any arrangement described in 9.2 shall be deemed to fulfil the requirement for Annual Subscriptions to be paid before 1 Mar 2013.

9.4. For every Annual Subscription properly received from its associated players, €70.00 shall be allocated to the relevant Games Section to defray legitimate team expenses”

AND that Annual Subscriptions paid through the Academy Games Section before 6 December 2013  shall be acceptable at the 2012 rate and not incur any arrears.


Motion 2: Appointment of Auditor

Proposed by: Seamus Coyle
Seconded by: Ken O’Sullivan

That Manus Brady & Co be appointed as Independent Auditor in respect of the Financial Accounts for the year 2013.


Motion 3:

Proposed by: Colm Small
Seconded by: Anne Marie Kennedy

That the incoming Coiste take immediate action to merge the “Camogie” Games Section and the “Ladies Football” Games Section to create a new “Adult and Minor Ladies” Games Section with authority for the administration of the games of Camogie and Ladies Football. This section will incorporate teams playing above u16.

Motion 4:

Proposed by: Colm Small
Seconded by: Anne Marie Kennedy

That Rule 4.3.1 of the Constitution be amended to reflect the proposed new “Adult and Minor Ladies” Section such that the existing words –

“The Coiste shall be comprised of FIVE Officers (as set out in 4.2), SEVEN Games Representatives (one each for Adult, Ladies Football, Camogie, Minors, Juvenile Girls, Juvenile Boys and Academy),  ONE Players’ Representative, and no more than TWO Other Members.”

shall be replace with –

The Coiste shall be comprised of FIVE Officers (as set out in 4.2), SIX Games Representatives (one each for Adult, Ladies, Minors, Juvenile Girls, Juvenile Boys and Academy),  ONE Players’ Representative, and no more than THREE Other Members.

AND that this amendment shall take effect on the date on which An Runaí serves notice on Members of the 2013 AGM in accordance with Rules F1 & F2

Motion 5:

Proposed by: Eddie Gough
Seconded by: Paddy Murdock

That An Coiste increase the membership fee for 2013 by €20 per person, players and non-players, to assist meet the increased running costs of the Club.


Motion 6:

Proposed by:  Harry Roberts
Seconded by: John Hennessy

That the Minor Teams and Management be transferred to the Adult Games Section and the Under 16 Teams and Management be transferred to the Juvenile Games Section.


Motion 7:

Proposed by: Anne Marie Kennedy
Seconded by: Eugene Egan

That Cuala adopt the Club Maith Accreditation Scheme

This is a scheme which allows Clubs to bench-mark themselves against best practice. In doing so it encourages them to aim for excellence in the core areas of GAA Club activity, i.e. governance, duty of care, community outreach, culture, coaching and games.

Motion 8:

Proposed by:  Colin Behan
Seconded by: Tadhg Murphy

That, for Minor & U16 Games Section Players only, a new Subscription Category and Subscription Rate be adopted and added to By-Law 9.1. as follows –
“Juvenile – Playing (Minor & U16 Games Section)  € 185.00”

AND  that Bylaw 9.4 be amended to add, after the words ”.  .  to defray legitimate team expenses” the following –
In the case of Minor & U16 Games Section Players, the amount to be allocated shall be €120


Motion 9:

Proposed by: Tadhg Murphy
Seconded by: Colin Behan

The Minor Section recognise that the effective transition under the Cuala Player pathway from Minor Age Groups to Adult Games is essential to ensure that minor players continue to participate and develop as players into adulthood and that Cuala’s responsibilities to all aspects of player welfare continue to be served.

In light of the record number of players, both male and female, currently and forecast at minor and juvenile levels, the Cuala Minor Section propose that as part of the Cuala Strategic Plan for the future that incoming Coiste set up a working group to review the operation of the Cuala Player pathway and recommend the implementation of best practices that will ensure maximum continued player participation, development and enjoyment of our games.”


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