It’s that  time of the year again! This year’s MAI will run from Monday June 18th – Saturday June 23rd. This is our showcase event that gives all the boys and girls the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they’ve learnt during the year.

Registration is now open and is offered at the early bird rate of 20 Euro per child until the end of MayRegistration is fully online and uses the same My Club Finance system as you will have used for Cuala registration. If this is your first season in Cuala, Mini All-Ireland week is the culmination of all the hard work the boys and girls have invested in training this year. This is a fantastic week, and the children will play two sets of midweek matches and more matches on the Saturday finals in their MAI team t-shirts in front of their parents, siblings, grandparents, and anyone else they want to bring along.


Please sign up as early as possible so we can plan numbers – there will be a cut-off for registration, and if the boys and girls aren’t registered in time their names won’t appear in the souvenir programme