The 2005 children are now nearly finished their first year in the Cuala Academy and great progress can be seen in their skill development.   These skills have been demonstrated over the past few weeks in the mini football and hurling matches they have been playing out in the field.  The children have really enjoyed these matches and are now eagerly awaiting the Mini All Ireland which begins on Monday 20th June.  A mid-week training session has been introduced over the last couple of months on Wednesdays.  This has been well attended and has given the children another opportunity to further develop their skills.

The Mini All Ireland for the 2005 group will take place in Hyde Road on Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd at 6pm and Saturday
25th June at 9am-12.45pm.  The children will be allocated to their teams at training on Saturday 18th and will get their team t-shirt
and meet their team managers.  Teams will meet on Monday at 6pm beside the changing rooms up the field.  Each team
will play three matches each evening.  There will be a mix of hurling and football matches.

Finals day on Saturday will begin with a parade from the Sue Ryder Foundation at the far end of Dalkey village.  Children should meet there at 9am. On Saturday 11th June three Cuala players from the Dublin senior hurling team brought the cup they won in the National Hurling League to the Academy training.
The 2005 children had a question and answer session with the players, followed by photographs and autographs.  Thanks to the players who gave their time to this – the children loved it.

Cuala summer camps will take place in July.  Application forms are available from the Cuala website.  These camps are run by the Cuala development officers, Ken Fitzgerald and Willie Braine with help from older players in the club.
They are a great opportunity for the children to improve their skills.

Registration for the coming year will take place on Saturday 3rd of September from 9.30am till 11am and training will re-commence on Saturday 10th September at 9.30am in Hyde Road.

There is a Workshop on stations on Wednesday 7th September for all 2005 parents by Ken Fitzgerald from 8pm till 9.15pm in the Cuala hall in Dalkey.

Thanks to the 2005 committee who have done great work this year organising and developing the training.  Also thanks to all parents who have helped out at the training sessions.