How’s this for a picture of a winning team. And one that qualifies for our Cuala Thar Lar Album as well. The letter that accompanied it says it all.  Mahadsanid from our new friends in Somalia.

Dear Cuala members,
On behalf of Concern’s beneficiaries, I would like to thank the members of   ‘Cuala’ sports club and other hikers for your generous contribution to the vulnerable and famine affected poorer families in Somalia. Your donation is truly appreciated by those who need it most, the thousandsof needy children and their mothers affected by humanitarian crises.

The funds you raised will provide monthly rations containing 25ks of Rice, 25Kgs of Wheat-flour, 9 Liters of Oil and 10 Kgs of Sugar for 25 female-headed poor families (153 individuals) for two months. We were deeply touched by the sincere devotion, dedication and the desire of the members, the young children and elderly in particular, to take on this adventure hiking to raise funds for unknown families far away from the Wicklow mountains in an Irish winter.

Please express our appreciation both to hikers and those that made their contributions in one way or another. The name of your club will be recorded on a donor’s plaque in our Mogadishu office. Again, please accept my deepest gratitude for your club members’ generosity.  I am thankful to have friends like you back there in Ireland who were on the ground and witnesses the unnecessary suffering Somali civilians go through on daily basis.


Yours Sincerely,
Abdi-Rashid Haji
Country Director Concern, Somalia Program”


Cuala Concern for Somalia Family Hike

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