Taking Up and Dropping Out of Sport and Exercise in Ireland

This  ground-breaking report from the ERSI will be of interest to all Cuala Coaches and Managers.  Although it covers all sports, there are some significant findings in relation to Gaelic Games and for adolescent players in particular.

“The report contains many significant findings and discusses some of the implications for (public) policy. Yet, over and above specific findings, a constant theme recurs in the data and throughout the analysis. Whether people remain active across their lifetimes is not primarily determined by whether they are active as children, but by transitions that occur as they grow up, mature and progress through adulthood. The large majority of young people have engaged regularly with sport and physical exercise and a very large majority of modern children participate regularly. Consequently, the overall level of participation in sport and physical exercise among the population of Ireland is not determined by how active our children are, important though that is, but by what happens to them as they progress through life.”


Full Report