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The Registrars Office has received a number of queries about how best to renew subscriptions in larger households with older players. We hope this will help you identify the best value approach.

A Family Subscription offers a better alternative to Individual Subscription by covering several registered Members in the same household.

Important: Paying a family sub. doesn’t make them registered members, all intending members must apply separately.

A Family Subscription can cover
– unlimited Juveniles (under 18) – both playing & non-playing
– unlimited Students (18 & older) who are in full time education  – playing & non-playing – there is no upper age limit.
– A maximum of 2 Adults (playing or non-playing) who are
a) aged 18 or over
b) are no longer in full time education

Usually the two “Adult” slots are taken-up by parents but they can also be used by older siblings who no longer qualify for Student.

Regardless of who is included under a Family Subscription, the key to determining the Rate is the overall number of players to be covered (age or other status does not matter)

No Players €210 *

1 Player €310 *

2 Players €405 *

3 or more players €480 *

* Higher renewal rates apply after 1 March

Where a household has more than 2 Adults to be renewed, we recommend the following strategy for gaining best value .

  1. Use a Family Sub to cover ALL Juveniles & Students
  2. include up to two Adults Players
  3. if there are is still an unused Adult slot, include an Adult non-player
  4. if there are any remaining Adults still not covered by Step 2 & 3, pay a further Subscription
    – Individual Adult  for each remaining Player €210
    – Individual Adult NP €130 for anyone no longer playing but wishing to retain voting rights
    – Temporary Social €75 for anyone no longer playing & not wishing to retain voting rights.

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