Pay on-line now

Pay on-line nowAt our AGM in December 2015, Cuala approved a new scheme to encourage parents, who are enrolling juveniles, to join as Adult Members at substantially reduced rates.

Under our standard membership rates, it would cost a parent and child a combined €260 & €295 in the first two years. Now, under the Parent & Child Scheme those rates have been slashed to just €175 in both years, a saving of over 30% in year 1 and 40% in year 2.


The €175 comprises €155 for a new Juvenile (U18) and €20 for a new non-playing Parent.

And there are even more benefits to be had under the scheme (for new members only) –

  • A second parent may join at the €20 rate
  • Additional children may be enrolled at €155
  • The scheme is open to all new Juvenile applicants regardless of Section.
  • Applications can be made on line

Parents who wish to join the Scheme may apply here –

Parent & Child Application


The standard Introductory Juvenile Subscription remains €185

Don’t forget, for households with 3 players, a Family Subscription is still the best value.


Zita McDermott
Cuala Registrar