The Cuala Coaching Committee has identified the need to have a dedicated Games Development Officer (GDO) and is seeking expressions of interest from  Full (Adult) members who would be willing to join the coaching team in a voluntary capacity.

It is envisaged that the GDO will, over time, develop a panel of experienced coaches for assignment to specific under-age groups in the club from Minors to Academy.  A person so assigned could then, for example,  follow a specified age group year on year, developing a programme, setting expectations, drawing on club resources and working with that years coaches.

The GDO’s team of experienced personnel will not become hands-on coaches but rather work with the team managers to exploit what has worked for previous groups and to set and attain appropriate goals such as league positions, player recruitment/retention and player development.  The objective will be to bring consistency and share experience and to raise the standard of performance of teams across the Juvenile Sections. It will negate the reinvention of the wheel each year by managers ‘moving up a year’.  This is a long term objective and the GDO will be supported by the Coaching Committee, Cuala Coaching staff, GPO and Coiste.

The GDO will cover all codes however this may develop in time.

For further information or to express in interest in the position please email the Coaching Committee secretary at