web_18_birthdayCuala 1996-ers enjoy a special birthday this year and we’re guessing about half of you are there already – so Congratulations!

In addition to all the cakes, entitlements (and responsibilities) that come your way on this special birthday, Cuala has a little surprise in store for you.

Okay, it’s not a cake but it’s sure to  make you feel ‘full’.  When you reach 18, you are entitled to apply for Full Membership of  the Club. And it won’t cost you a cent; your existing Subscription covers you to year end.

Being a Full Member entitles to to have your direct say in the running of Cuala, attend and vote at General Meetings, participate in the running of teams and  be included in occasional Members’ Ticket Draws.

You still get to play on your existing team, of course.

If you have passed your 18th birthday, you only have to complete an Upgrade Application Form (with just 18 little boxes) and send it to your Games Registrar – Kevina Malone or Grainne Killion.

Non-playing 18’s, who have paid Family or Individual Subscriptions,  are also welcome to apply.