The Cuala Coaching Department have formally launched their imaginative yet practical initiative wherby older players pass on their experience and skills to those who follow them. Standing on the shoulders of giants as it were.
The ideaThat players of 14 and up give one hour per week back to coaching and helping out with various club activities with a particular emphasis on coaching with academy and u9 to u 12 age groups.
Whats in it for the players?
It will help players with understanding their own skills and with Transition year/Gaisce award commitment as well as giving them an appreciation of the wider club and their own place within its structure.It will also help give them an appreciation of what their own parents & mentors do for them and help foster a volunteer culture within the club community. Participants in the scheme will be asked to fill in a log book which will be an advantage to them when it comes to applying for Easter/Summer Camp coaching jobs.

Whats in it for Cuala?
It helps coaches at academy/juvenille level to have players to demonstrate skills and who are closer in age to the children they are coaching.Also it would provide positive role models for the younger ones to aspire to.Coaching department will have experienced coaches to assist in Easter/Sumer camps

How do I get involved?
Parents and teenagers fill in an Application and return to the coaching department.The coaching department will then match players with teams depending on availability, location and convenience for participants parents ( other children’s commitments etc.)