Sean laids_peile Cuala’s Gaelic4Dads kicked off last Friday.

Good to see such a good turn out, 11 Dads and a Grandad…see if you can pick him from the line up…

Apologies for the standard of the image….the camera seems to have reacted badly to the subject matter!!

The standard proved to be higher than expected….that’s without certain former county footballers who swore they’d be there but the got caught to clean the oven/wash the dog/ sweep the chimney….depending on which excuse  reason you heard.

In any case, its same time, same place next Friday…

What’s involved?

– A kick around once a week – ideally not more than an hour
– 5 or 7-a side format
– Fitness drills

What’s the standard?
Not high – maybe you were once good – or (like most of us) you were never any good, now your looking to get fit and have a few games – beidh fáilte roimh cách.

If you have any interest, wing us an email (we’ll add you to the list): and we’ll be in touch!