Yet another riveting display by Cuala. Within the first few minutes, Naas were in attaching mode and Rachel Byrne was called upon to make a great save. However, the opening score (a point) came from Orlaith O’Sullivan. Soon to be followed by another point, this time from Sinead. Sinead was also unlucky to score a goal soon afterwards. After 10 minutes of play, Naas scored a goal, however, this was disallowed by the Ref. Cuala were soon on the attack again which lead to a fine point scored by (No 15). However, Naas were back attacking our goal area, which was superbly defended by Niamh, and the rest of the defensive team. Caoimhe made a terrific save after replacing Rachel in goal as Rachel moved to a forward position. Unfortunatly, Katie had to come off towards the end of the first half due to infury. This was a shame as she had played a pivotal role in the game and had some brilliant play. Suddenly, Naas were on the attack again and scored a point. Yet again Caoimhe was called upon to made a terrific save. Another Cuala injury followed as Ciara was called upon to replace Rebecca. Up to this point Rebecca was fully immersed in midfield play and was a force to be reckoned with. However, Naas were constantly chasing the ball and Cuala had to up their game to stay ahead. Naas scored another point. A brilliant run of play by Cuala was finished off by a beautiful point by Rachel Byrne. During the second half, Cuala went up a gear. Then Alison came from midfield and following a great run put the goal in the back of the net, which she soon followed with a point. For the second half Niamh and Jennifer Dunne swapped positions -Niamh played midfield and Jennifer defense and both were fantastic and never stopped chasing the ball. Niamh soon followed with another goal. Unfortunately, Rachel Byrne was unjured and had to leave the field, which was a terrrible shame as she was having a fantastic game up to that. Cuala could not afford to relax as all of a sudden, Caoimhe was called upon yet again to make a brilliant save. This game constantly moved from end to end and Anna just missed out appearing on the score sheet with a goal. The Cuala girls were working together and there was some great offensive play by Niamh, Anna, Rosa (who never gave up) and Alison. Following another run of brilliant collective play from midfield, Orlaith O’Sullivan scored another great goal. All of a sudden there was another goal, this time from Niamh. As the game progressed, Cuala were definately in control and Emer was unlucky her shot for a point went wide. However, Naas never gave up and Caoimhe was called upon to make another great save. Brid also was superb and played brilliantly in defense. Ciara, Alice, Eva, Chloe certainly caused Naas plenty of trouble and played a huge role in preventing Naas scoring more points/goals. Not to be outdone, Nora, Jennifer Byrne, Caoilinn and Caoilfhionn must get a mention and they were an integral part of the team and never gave up. All the girls were fantastic and they never stopped trying to score more points. Keep up the great work girls and here’s to the next match/