Forget about the Klitschko Brothers – Cuala’s Boxing Promoter, MikeyThank-You-Very-Much-Mr” Bernie has just signed up the Brennan Brothers. Rumours that rights are being sought by Sky have yet to be confirmed (or was it that the fees being sought were sky high?).  In any case, we now have the inter-sibling rivalry of  Christythe Lady Pleaser” and Garthe Crowd PleaserBrennan to look forward to in March.

Christy, currently based in Switzerland boxing clever for Michael O’Leary, has dedicated January and February to his new fitness regime saying “If I got the two months proper training I’ll be good to go”.  (A  remark more commonplace in certain hurling quarters).

Gar, basking in the reflected glory of the Magnificent 16’s, was more than happy to accept the challenge of his younger brother, remarking “I don’t care who I fight and I will even fight you if you want”.

This is an exciting prospect – Two Great Cuala Football Midfielders going head-to-head to see who will be the King of the Brennan’s.

And we’re hearing of  massive demand on the Dunne Brothers to step into the ring but seemingly, like the Klitschkos whose Mother wont allow them fight , it seems Mary Dunne wont be having any of it – or so the lads tell us.  Lets just hope she changes her mind!

Fighters signed up so far for the 3rd March showdown include –

  • Willie ’Dynamite’ Braine
  • Ken ‘Ding-a-Ling’  Fitzgerald
  • Gar ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ Brennan
  • Emma ‘Bonecrusher’ Schütte
  • Blathnaid ‘Floats-Like-a-Butterfly’ Ni Chofaigh
  • Paul ‘Electrocutioner’ McAdam
  • Gary ‘The Italian Stallion’ Loonam
  • Christy “The Lady Pleaser” Brennan
  • Gar “The Crowd Pleaser” Brennan
  • Keith ‘One Punch’ Kehoe
  • Sio ‘Hands of Stone’ Cullen

Tickets (predicted to be scarcer than for the Olympics) will be on sale early in the New Year

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Mikey Bernie 086 3424610

Lorraine Hayes 087 6738923