A little-publicised protocol in the Nice Treaty (intended to accommodate improved Freedom of Labour and better recognition of local dialects within the EU) has been brought to our attention today. It involves the removal of some superfluous lettering in public digital communications. Though primarily intended for Govenment and Business, it also covers public material published by clubs and societies so it will have major implications for the Club’s website.

  • Directive 148.2a – Removal of “C”
    Coiste is urgently reviewing the implications for Cuala. The setting aside of the Letter “C” in favour of “K” has the immediate impakt of requiring us to amend our name to Kuala and the ladies will be deskribed as playing Kamogie from now on. Soft “C” usage is also to be diskontinued onse the direktive takes effekt. The presise timing of this kontrofersial artikle is unklear. On an optimistik note, Koiste hears that the GAA Sentral Kounsil konsiders that this kreates enhansed opportunities for the promotion of Gaelik Games in German speaking kountries.
  • Directive 148.4 – Removal of double or superfluous lettering
    Another implikation in this ambitius program for Kuala is the imediate droping of unesesary duble leters where just one wil sufise or where an alternative leter has the same efekt – a leson for futbalers her.
  • Directive 148.17 (as amended) – Voluntary Options for Local Dialect
    One dimensun of this direktive myt sut Kula – this is a voluntry inklusun of a klaws replasing “th” with “d” or “t” where the local kontex alows. We tink dis myt sut de Dublin klubs.

So – a signifikant day for Kula Hurling Futbal and Kamogi Klub as Kiste fase yet anuder program of work to mak ar komunicasuns kompatible wit de nu regim. Yur webmaster (Mikel Gudwin) and the Komunikasuns Komiti wud like to her yur imediat vus – provided, of korse, dey ar expresed in line wit de nu rules.
(No Txt mesages wil be alowed – dey ar to hard to desifer.)