Great story on Hogan Stand web site today –

Members of Dublin’s All-Ireland winning team brought the Sam Maguire to the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin city centre yesterday.  Rory O’Carroll, Bernard Brogan, Mick Fitzsimons and Craig Dias received a rapturous welcome when they visited the centre, which caters for the homeless and the deprived.

I am only delighted to come down. This is where the real Dublin fans can be found, so it’s great to come to a place like this and have a chat. The reception has been great and everyone is delighted,” Brogan said.

Full back Rory O’Carroll was on first-name terms with many of those in the centre, having worked there as a part-time volunteer in the past.  “I volunteer here during the summer when I’m not in college. I’m not here as often as I’d like – but I come in to help out whenever I can. I’ve got to know Brother Kevin (Crowley) who runs the centre and he asked if we could arrange for Sam to be brought in. Of course, we were only too happy to oblige,” he said.