Dermot Earley programme comes to a close for 30 Cuala participants and their counterparts in Zambia.

The Dermot Earley Programme for ’22 ’23 came to a close last Friday with the submission of the participants’ projects which involved a total of 600 hours of voluntary work in the community. Please read about the experience of one of the course participants Aisling Dunne.

A special thanks to our Cuala facilitators this year Cillian Cronin, Maedbh Sheehan, Eleanor Moore and Becky Clarke.

Cuala Leadership facilitators Cillian, Becky, Maedbh and Eleanor

In addition to training and playing for their teams they dedicated themselves to facilitating the programme for the 30 Cuala participants since last September. With the support of Cuala, Foroige facilitators visited Zambia recently and delivered Module 2 of the programme to students of Nsobe Community school.


The Cuala Dermot Earley Leadership programme participants ’22-23.

Cuala facilitators had already delivered Module 1 while volunteering there last summer. Foroige also trained up 25 local adults from 5 organisations to deliver future leadership programmes in Zambia. Congratulations to all the participants in Cuala and in Zambia.

Nsobe Class of ’22- ’23 complete Module 2 of ‘The Dermot Earley’

Also a big thank you the Padraig Fay and the board of management at St Joseph’s school for the use of their facilities. And especially to the teachers for the weekly use of their classrooms.


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