Cuala to Zambia TY project cancelled.

The Cuala Habitat for Humanity volunteers of 2020 met up in a local park at the weekend and were given the inevitable but still disappointing news that their intended trip to Zambia would not take place this year either. This was to be the 5th Cuala TY group to build homes in Zambia, but all is not lost. As the volunteers had raised most of the finances involved they will have the option to travel and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity as their own adult group or to join up on a Habitat for Humanity Youth Build as individuals up until the end of 2023. If the opportunity is not drawn on at this stage the finances raised will be used by Habitat for Humanity to support their projects.
The volunteers and their parents have put a huge amount of work into fundraising throughout their Transition Year. Despite the dedication and drive this is now on their list of TY ventures not experienced, just yet! it has been a tough time for our young people and their resilience has brought them through. No doubt everyone in Cuala is very proud of the endeavours of our young volunteers in their efforts to assist their fellow human beings building homes with and for the most vulnerable.

Cuala to Zambia 2019 group in Nsobe.

The young people expressed their deepest gratitude to Greg, John, Paula, Sinead, our club chairman Damien and Mick for leading the project. Former project leader Laura Spain spoke to the guys and encouraged them to pursue their dream. They put their hands up and committed to this task and that says a huge amount amount their character and their personal values. To conclude Laura read a letter written to Concern volunteers many years ago.
If I could, I would take you volunteers like seeds and throw you to the four corners of the earth. It would make a Springtime of this old world and it so badly needs a Springtime. Your circle of goodness will slowly widen and encompass many people’.