Dear Cuala Member,

We are pleased to launch our fundraising initiative for “Cuala Stradbrook”

The project will see Cuala acquire its own training and playing pitches from Blackrock College Rugby Football Club (BRFC) and share the Stradbrook facilities.

Our motivation is to build for the future. We need to shift the club’s reliance on sub-standard facilities and over-dependence on renting a huge spread of additional private and all-weather pitches each week, to more modern all-weather pitches and facilities that match the ambitions of our teams and young players on the field of play (Click here for video).

Cuala is almost unique in not owning any grounds and not having guaranteed access to all-weather pitches or hurling walls. We have senior players playing for Dublin and we have over 60 teams who have done extraordinarily well and many are on the cusp of promotion and championship wins.

In order to make this project a reality we need raise a total of €2.5m.

The good news is that we have already raised 10% – even before the project launch! This is the single largest initiative ever taken by Cuala. You can find a brochure with more details of the project here. Our fundraising committee will raise the €2.5m from a combination of

  • Individual members and friends of Cuala
  • Corporates and local businesses
  • GAA, Government & other grant bodies
  • Philanthropic sources

We need Cuala members to donate a total of €1.3m.

This is a huge ask, but we are confident that we can do it. If we do it, we will improve the club for every single member, especially the kids of the club.

We need every member of Cuala to contribute to the best of their ability. We have a “Fundraising Pyramid” that suggests donations from €1,000 to €100,000. If we complete this pyramid then we will have met our fundraising goal. You can find a donations form which includes all details on how to contribute here.

We are investing in our facilities, our kids and our success.

For the Academy & Juvenile Sections:
– Cuala Stradbrook will give us a 5-acre fully flood-lit all-weather training pitch, a hurling wall, equipment storage and off-road parking. This training area, especially in Winter, will ensure our kids have the best coaching on the best surface possible.

For the Minor & Senior Sections:
– We will have a full-sized all-weather pitch and sharing of a full-sized grass pitch. Both these pitches will be fully flood-lit for league and championship matches and include end-goal netting.

We ask you to view the video, read the accompanying brochure and donations document. Over the next few weeks you will receive more information and we look forward to your support to acquire and develop better facilities for our kids and Cuala’s success.