Dear Cuala Member,

First of all, thank you to those who responded so strongly to last week’s launch of the Cuala Stradbrook project. We have had some significant donations since our launch including one €10000 and two €5000 donations. Our momentum is building but we can only do it if everyone plays their part.


From tonight our new web donation pledge document is live, right here.  Let us know what you can do to secure our future.  Please do it now.  You don’t yet need to pay the money, just make the commitment.


Every week of winter training means paying thousands of dead money to other clubs and facilities.  You can be the difference.  You can be the person that makes the lights of 2015 our own so that we can invest that money in our players and where they play.

November 7th

If you don’t feel you know enough to make your pledge, join us on Friday Nov 7th (changed from Fri Oct 24th) for a club social night in Killiney Castle.   Ask the questions you have of those who can give you a straight answer. We’ll be there from 8-30pm.

Ask yourself that if you don’t play your part, who do you expect to do it on your behalf?

You chose to be involved in our club, your decision now can make sure we are here for future generations.

Here’s our first campaign video so you can see what’s at stake and what potential there is for the future.

Many thanks,