Dear Cuala Member,

We are writing to inform you that the decision has been taken to terminate negotiations between Cuala and Blackrock College Rugby Club to enter into a ground sharing agreement. There are many reasons for this decision but both parties concluded that the proposed contract structure would not be workable. We had reached advanced agreement with Blackrock but ultimately the deal was not possible due to the complexity of the agreement, the timescales involved and the requirements of both Cuala and BRFC.

As a club, much has been achieved over the past year including raising over €1.1m in donations and pledges and obtaining Revenue tax approval. We’d like to thank everyone in Cuala who worked on this project and we’d also like to thank the Blackrock team who worked with us over the past year.

Cuala Development Plans

The Cuala Coiste has long recognised that the continued success of our club teams into the future requires top-class facilities. 2014 was a fantastic year for Cuala with both hurling and football senior teams in Division 1. The Coiste had already been working on other options alongside the Stradbrook project which now take on an added importance. These include :-

  • Working with Dun Laoghaire County Council on additional facilities and upgrading of existing allocations, pitches and facilities
  • Working with other sporting facilities to get additional playing facilities
Cuala Stradbrook Donors

We want to sincerely thank all those who donated and pledged to support the Stradbrook project. We had very wide support and every donation from €25 to €100,000 was greatly appreciated.  We will be in contact with everyone who donated or pledged to make arrangements (see our FAQ below). To hit our fundraising target of €1.1m was an incredible achievement for Cuala and it was fantastic to see the huge support and generosity shown by all our donors.

Cuala Stradbrook Committees

Many thanks to the various teams who worked over the past months to get the project going; special thanks to the fundraising team who enabled us to reach our €1.1m goal in a very short time.
Despite this project not proceeding it has been a positive exercise and as mentioned above we fully expect to have an alternative proposal in the near future. We will be in touch with members in the first few months of 2015 with further information.

Many Thanks, 



What happens to my donation?

We will be refunding donations as previously agreed and hope to have this completed early in the New Year. If you require your donation returned urgently, please contact us directly.  We would gently request that you might substitute your donation with an informal pledge for future projects if possible.

What happens to my pledge?

Your pledge may be withdrawn if you wish. Pledges are not legally binding so you should have no concerns in this regard.

What happens to my standing order?

Standing orders will be discontinued asap or not activated. Please inform your bank if you have submitted a standing order.