The Cuala Spirit is Winning!

The fundraising team has been in overdrive over the past couple of weeks and it’s fantastic to see so many club members fully engaged in Cuala Stradbrook.  We think every parent on the sideline in Hyde Park, Thomastown and Meadowvale received information on Saturday.  There will be plenty more activity over the next few weeks, including a running total of the donations collected so far on the outside wall of Hyde Park!  We plan to track our progress all the way to the magic number.   There have been many questions from people regarding the details of the project.  We have now compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which addresses the top questions we have received.


Did you Know?

The all-weather pitch we will build in Stradbrook will be 30% bigger than the Stepaside pitches.


Standing Order Option

We have now made it even easier to donate on a monthly basis by providing a blank Standing Order  in favour of the Cuala Development Fund.   The  Around 50% of people are now choosing to donate by this method.  Overall our median donation is now €2,000 – we are very happy to receive more from people who can and want to donate more.  Equally, we are more than happy to receive donations of any amount you can give.


5 Easy Ways to Donate – “If you’re ready to donate, please do it today!”

Why not make yourself a cup of coffee now and decide on your donation now?

  1. Write a cheque payable to “Cuala Development Fund”. Drop the cheque into the Cuala mailbox in Hyde Park. 20% of donations have been received this way.
  2. Wire transfer to the Development Fund bank account. See details in our donations document . 50% of donations have been received in this way.
  3. Standing Order
  4. Online pledge
  5. Email us at with your pledge.


sheridanSome of the members who donated this week include…

We have donated because Cuala is “Our” club, “Our” teams, “Our” players. It gives our Family a real sense of belonging, in a community that has a passion for camogie, hurling and football. Cuala has given our children health, fitness, happiness and friendships that will last a lifetime. Tá Cuala an club is fearr.

The Sheridan Family


people_oconnor_kieranI’m giving to the Cuala Stradbrook fundraising because I believe this project offers a great opportunity for the Cuala teams to play and train in the one location with top class facilities. I have a girl in the 02’s and a boy in the 05’s and it is great seeing them both grow up enjoying themselves with their friends and learning lots of new skills. My wife Niamh and I are both with Academy and Juvenile teams and are constantly reminded both in Cuala and when we visit other clubs of just how inadequate the current facilities are. Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, so we are delighted to donate and look forward to seeing all of our kids continue to grow and develop in an environment we can all be proud of and helped to create

Kieran O’Connor, 2005 Boys


Many Thanks,