I was introduced to Cuala through Scoil Lorcain. Colman Ó Drisceoil the principal at the school, encouraged every student to get involved.

Thankfully we did join and it was one of the best decisions my parents made. I’ve been involved with Cuala for most of my life and have been through every stage in the club.

My earliest memories of Cuala were the summer camps (which I hated). Getting up early every morning during my summer holidays was something I wasn’t particularly fond of. I would always need a bit of extra encouragement every morning with a two euro coin so I could get something in the shop at lunchtime.

I was lucky though because most of my friends from school were there so eventually I did start to enjoy the camps, especially when it was raining and we got to watch movies in the bar.

It wasn’t until we split into our age groups that I really started to get involved in the club. I was part of the 96s crew, and I think they’re best years so far.

At the time, I was playing both football and hurling and it was the same 15 players playing in the same positions whether it be hurling or football. Johnny Twomey and Tadhg Murphy were our managers at that time and always encouraged us to stick with both sports (even though they encouraged the hurling a bit more), but I think that was something that really brought us together.

You would find yourself playing with the same guys each and every week and thankfully I made some of my best friends during that time. We had good chemistry and I think that played a big part in helping us go on and win the Dublin Minor A Championship.

Luckily for me I was going to school with most of the lads. I would see them all day and then again later that evening for Cuala training. They were my best friends and I think that played a big part in us having a very successful year in both club and school football.

I am currently playing for the Cuala Senior Footballers. I remember being nervous moving up to the senior team. Thankfully, the senior lads were great at helping younger players transition into the various teams.

Everyone drives one another other to try and get the best out of each other. Hopefully we can use that to get some more success in the football section. Both my brothers are playing for the Senior Footballers as well so it’s nice having them there because I’m never stuck for a lift to training.

On the other hand, I’m usually the one left to uphold the family name during training sessions and matches, and unfortunately have to listen to their excuses on the way home!