Two  Cuala stalwarts are turning to sport of a different kind this weekend.

‘Two Tower Swim’

Sunday 17th July (weather dependant)

Garrett Mc Dermott of the 4th adult hurlers and Seán Hall of the 2003 group are undertaking to swim from Martello tower to Martello tower – diving in a 10am at Red Rock tower, Sutton and arriving at approximately 13.30 at the Seapoint Martello tower.   IMG-20160715-WA0004

They have been training for this for 18 months. The swim distance calculates to about 10km, however in  Sea swiming circles this is considered a Mara – swim!

Their chosen charity is ellaswishtowalk. Please see the link below. We think you’ll all agree that this is a most deserving charity and one we hope you’ll be so kind to generously support.

If anyone fancies cheering them on for the last few km they plan on arriving in at Seapoint at 13.30 on Sunday.