A Butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker or at least the equivalent in physical and mental health expertise that exists in Cuala came together for a conversation last week. The gathering established that we have an understanding of our welfare needs and a great desire to positively affect the health and well being of our fellow members. This initiative is part of the wider GAA Healthy Club Project which focuses on the physical and mental well being of our community. The team intend to work on practical initiatives that will offer opportunities for us all to take steps to improve on our own well being and to promote a positive atmosphere around the club. We have called the initiative ‘Cuala listens’ because we want to be there for each other, simple. First up is a ‘couch to 5km’ training program,; healthy body, healthy mind.

Details to follow on the club website soon.

The ‘Cuala Listens’ project team.