The Cuala Coaching & Development Steering Group held its first meeting last Thursday. The group will focus on the goals and actions set out in the Strategic Plan 2018-22 under the ‘Coaching & Games Development’ section.

The next meeting of the group will take place on Thursday 20th September.

Each Cuala section (email sent to section’s Chairperson) have been asked to nominate two coaching representatives to the steering group. Section reps nominated should have a keen interest in coaching and be willing to work on various tasks associated with the development of a sustainable coaching/ development model for Cuala (to cover all ages, codes and levels within the club).

Each section have been requested to provide the following:

  • Two reps from the section that have a keen interest in coaching with availability to collaborate on tasks
  • List of coaches in the section (& current certification level held)
  • Top 3 priorities for the section (specific to coaching & development)

This information should be returned by Monday 17th Sept to facilitate a productive meeting for the steering group on Thursday 20th Sept.

Club members, coaches, mentors  and players are invited to make a written submission to the group via the group’s Chairperson Pat Dolphin for consideration.  Pat can be contacted in person at 087 2208130