What is it?

Cuala under 15 Boys and Girls aim to hit, puck, kick, flick and hand pass one hundred thousand slitters and footballs between 8am and 8pm on St. Patrick’s Day, 2021, raising much needed funds for Trocaire.


You can donate to Cuala Ball2Wall JustGiving page by scanning the QR code below, or following this link – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cuala-2006


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It’s a fun challenge for our U15 players, to help keep them engaged and active as a group, while they are forced to stay apart during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

The event is also a fundraiser for Trocáire, who’s ability to fundraise, like many charities, has been significantly hindered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ball2Wall Challenge is not just for the players but for their whole family or household. Brothers and Sisters, Mammies and Daddies, anybody who lives in the players household can take part and help to achieve our target of Ceád Míle Buille (100,000 hits).

Due to current restrictions it’s not possible for players to meet up with people outside their household. We are asking players to try to complete Ceád Míle Buille in a safe environment, whether that’s their own back garden or a suitable public area, so that they can safely social distance.


Look at it like a match, made up of 15 minute quarters. Our suggestion is that players play 2 quarters of football and 2 of camogie/hurling over the course of St Patrick’s Day, but it’s up to them.

They can do it all in one go, allowing for water breaks between each quarter. Or it can be spread over the course of the day, between morning, afternoon and early evening. Whatever works. If you want to get an early start that’s fine, we’ll blow our ‘virtual’ whistle at 8am J

We’ve not set an individual target for players, but we would like players to be proactive and achieve as many hits as possible over the course of the day. Below is an example of how many hits a player might achieve on average over the course of 15 minutes / one hour.

–       Average hits (strikes/kicks/flicks/ fist pass) against a wall in 60s – 20 to 25 hits.

–       15 min effort – 300-375 hits.

–       15 min effort x  4 times over the course of St Patrick’s Day – 1,200 to 1,500 hits.

–       80 Players and their families/friends – 96,00 to 120,000 hits.


On the day itself, we will create a Ball2Wall Dashboard, to visually measure progress over the course of the event. As players and their families send in their tallies to the organisers, ideally including photos and videos, we will post updates to the Ball2Wall Dashboard. The Dashboard will in turn be shared at regular intervals, so that we can all see the progress being made to achieve the overall target.