Covid Supervisors

As part of preparation for Return to Play the club is looking for Covid Supervisor volunteers.

Training will be provided (GAA Online Course currently being finalised) before return date (29th June).

Any assistance/commitment that you can give to aid our return would be greatly appreciated by the club – its hoped that we have enough volunteers to establish a rota system that would help to share the load across all the teams.

Main Role & Responsibilities:

  • To be available to attend team training sessions
  • Check that players/mentors have fully completed their individual Heath Check form and have submitted them online prior to arrival for the training session
  • Record their attendance using online system (contact tracing measure)
  • Record temperature of individuals that may present with no prior temperature recorded
  • Place call to parent/guardian/emergency service (whichever is appropriate) in cases where a player may display symptoms.

Observe & record that the following measures are in place and rigidly adhered to for each training session:

  • group size of training POD’s operate as set out  in the GAA guidelines
  • training POD’s use their allocated training area while maintaining social distance with non-contact training
  • COVID signage and sanitiser/bin station is in situ pitch side
  • training POD’s remain separated for the duration of training session (no cross-contamination)
  • training area allocated to POD’s is not encroached (other than medical/physio if required, must be wearing PPE)
  • effective time management of pitch allocation (POD’s operate to schedule – get in and get out quickly)

Digital thermometers will be provided for each team, PPE equipment (gloves/facemask) will be provided for the Covid supervisors.

Team mentors/coaches or other designated person(s) will assist in Covid-related set-up for their training sessions and  ensure that adequate support is in place to facilitate the Covid Supervisor’s role.

Volunteers for this very critical role must be club members and Garda vetted where assisting with underage teams.

Please email to confirm your availability.